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At Husqvarna Group, we have a sharp focus on finding sustainable solutions that are fit for the future. We are proud of our pioneering spirit and driven by our vision to shape great experiences through our products and innovative solutions for forest, park and garden care as well as for the construction business. We are the world’s largest outdoor robotics company with more than two million sold robotic lawnmowers.

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€3.8B Revenue
13 000 Employees
40 Countries

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The Next 100 Years of Green Spaces

Outdoor Robotics Platform, AI and Analytics Solutions, & Vision Systems

The outdoor robotics space requires development beyond traffic; Husqvarna Group is looking for ground-based or UAV targeting for machines operating in green spaces, off-road, construction sites, agriculture, or other public spaces. Also required are solutions for a contextual understanding of public green spaces via camera and satellite feeds. Finally, AI analytics solutions for the robots and drones monitoring public green spaces are needed too.

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Construction 4.0 & Professional Worker Augmentation

To maximize the value of the construction industry, the building stage is supported by more digital solutions by the day. These solutions include worker safety by means of AR/VR and wearable sensors, field maintenance with data, predictive maintenance for the buildings and on-site safety, including anti-theft measures. Could your solution complement Husqvarna Group’s offering?

Forestry 4.0 & Urban Gardening

Husqvarna Group’s offering spans products and services for all green spaces, urban and rural. In the future, we want to expand this offering for smarter use of forests, wood, and productivity monitoring, including pest detection, yield measurements, and wildfire detection, to name a few key areas. For urban farming and gardening, we are seeking solutions for vertical farming, hydroponics, and professional or consumer applications for growing produce in an urban environment.

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IoT & Connectivity for the Smart Home

Husqvarna Group is looking for full ecosystem solutions for expanding the Smart Home into the Smart Garden. To achieve this full package, solutions including but not limited to sensors, connectivity, AR/VR and/or new digital business models, such as online platforms for home/garden services, are required to turn the home environment into a well-managed space catering to the end-users’ needs.

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