KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. KONE makes people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings with a mission to improve the flow of urban life.

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The Next 100 Years of People Flow

Digital solutions in construction and buildings

KONE is searching for tech and service solutions to aid at construction sites. Solutions that help builders see the big picture, for example through construction site and building simulations, are tools that have a great impact in the future. A key development feature in the industry today is utilizing data to add value for the users and operators of buildings. User interfaces throughout buildings, that utilize voice and AI assistants or otherwise are hands-free, are other features we are looking for.

Circular economy

Building elevators and escalators require highly specific resources and carefully constructed parts; wasting energy, materials or components is not an option. The elevators of the future will require light, renewed materials that help reduce energy consumption in end-product use, along with material flow optimization. Packaging of materials is in focus for sustainability too, and the end-of-life for products requires applications for reusing and upcycling materials.

KONE People Flow Ecosystem

People flow is the way how people move in and between buildings. We are looking for new services and solutions to improve this flow between and inside buildings. These can be robots taking care of in-house logistics or serving as receptionists, and mobile apps guiding the way in complex buildings. These solutions would utilize KONE’s Cloud API to build for tenants and property managers around the world.

Changing building usage

As buildings age and cities change with new ways of working arising, among other things, old designs no longer serve us today. This causes flow challenges for old buildings alongside new ones. Do you have solutions to integrate old infrastructure with the new?

Keeping buildings functional during renovation

Building renovations and modernization can cause significant amounts of disruption to building users. How can we become better at minimizing this disruption? KONE wants to hear your solutions for maintaining people flow when critical parts of vital buildings are cornered off for repairs.

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