Saab is the world’s most cost-effective, high-tech defense and security company. Our aim remains constant: to keep people and societies safe, we push intellectual and technological boundaries.

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€3.1B Revenue
17 000 Employees
35 Countries

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The Next 100 Years of Security

Product & Service Innovation

Saab’s offering encompasses a wide selection of security and defense products and services. Now they are looking for partners within following areas: Data management/big data, autonomy, measurement tech, sensors & sensor fusion, smart energy management in e.g. batteries, advanced & self-healing materials, underwater navigation, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, avionics, AR/VR, AI, HMI, cognitive computing, support & maintenance innovations. And other technologies, with potential defense application, that support the development of our portfolio.

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The focus areas are threefold: energy consumption, water usage, and the impact of travel. Saab’s large manufacturing sites have great potential for decreasing emissions and energy consumption. These sites also use freshwater for running operations. The goal is to use less of it and even find less valuable resources to replace it in some instances. Furthermore, with these locations scattered across the world, traveling needs be as efficient as possible; with the right tools, unnecessary trips can be eliminated entirely.

Operations Efficiency & Automation

Saab’s goal for efficiency is to become a more data-driven company. They wish to make use of all the data produced in the company in order to make better and faster decisions, supporting business intelligence. Examples of this include the automation of agreements and document management, and exploring new ways of project management and product development.

HR & People

To become a workplace of the future, emphasizing modern onboarding and employee life-cycle management, Saab is exploring modern technology and methods to improve upon their capacity in the field. For this, the focus is on tools to secure mobile networking for team communications. Further, the digital workspace requires supporting systems to enhance leadership capabilities and steer behavior for the better.

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