Scania and the transport industry are currently facing the biggest change since the beginning of the 20th century with the approaching shift to electrified and self-driving vehicles. These exciting times bring many challenges to solve and opportunities to catch as we develop the products, services and business models needed for Scania to meet and drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. As much as we would like to, we can’t change the world of transport by ourselves. We need to work with the different parts of the ecosystem within strong partnerships.

So come and join us on the quest towards The Next 100 Years of sustainable transport solutions!

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The Next 100 Years of Sustainable Transport Solutions

Optimize business value in autonomous solutions

The transport industry is heading towards a future where the drivers will move from their vehicles into operational control centres. Instead of driving the vehicles, the operators will be making operational plans and issuing missions to autonomous vehicles. To do this the operators need a sophisticated control environment able to support them in making the right decisions at the right time. Moving to a model where a single operator controls a fleet of vehicles, new value will be added by optimising the control centre and this is still a green field of opportunities.

The future workplace – supporting a learning organization

Scania aims to be an attractive partner that meets the needs from both today’s and tomorrow’s talents. We are looking for new ways to use technology in order to support and develop our co-workers in the transformation journey the industry is facing.

Our global presence, wide range of competences and business areas as well as the large number of employees make networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration possibilities important. The ideas we are looking for should be characterized as “easy to access, easy to engage”.

Improving the transport eco-system within a city context

As urbanisation increases the need for sustainable and efficient transport solutions is growing. We are looking for new sustainable business opportunities that go beyond manufacturing and selling of vehicles. This includes solutions that improve the flow of both people, goods and waste in the city context.

Examples of areas where we are interested in taking part of your ideas include integration of old and new mobility solutions, waste collection efficiency, last mile delivery, infrastructure solutions to enable electric modes of transportation, ways to increase utilisation rate of vehicles during low – and peak hours and battery recycling.

Solutions to improve decision making in Production and Logistics

Scania works with a large IT infrastructure, sharing data among several stakeholders. We are looking for gadgets and apps that can improve business decisions within Production & Logistics. Potential solutions include new ways of creating, visualizing and utilizing industrial data for improved efficiency and business decision making. We would like to hear your ideas!

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