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At Stora Enso we believe that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation! This is why we are now searching for startup partners at Slush. Through creating mutually beneficial partnerships we want to develop capabilities and technologies, as well as to embrace new market opportunities. We are looking forward to exploring collaboration opportunities within the following areas; circular economy, customer and market insights, mill sustainability, and the building industry.

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Kirsikka Vänttinen

Manager, Circular Economy LinkedIn

Marko Yli-Pietilä

Head of Smart Operations LinkedIn

Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar

Head of Digital Customer LinkedIn

The Next 100 Years of Renewable Materials

Making a radical impact on circular economy

Stora Enso offers a unique possibility for disruptive startups to explore joint opportunities in the circular economy. We are looking for startups with creative technologies and solutions for how to design products and services to minimize waste, as well as to ease up the re-use and recycling of products and materials. For example, we are interested in finding new technologies for cost-efficient collection of various waste streams, and platform opportunities for “material stream match making”.

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Stora Enso strives to improve sustainability in our mills

Sustainability is a crucial and integral part of everything Stora Enso does. Consequently, we are now looking for solutions to help us capture carbon emissions from our mills before they make it into the atmosphere. Furthermore, we are looking for innovations for sustainable harvesting and forest management along with new industrial solutions which could help us run operations with less energy and best available water treatment – making more with less and cleanly.

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Analyzing market and customer trends

Stora Enso is constantly looking for new solutions and tools for generating valuable insight to enhance our offering of products and services to our customers. We are interested in digital solutions to help create insights in emerging market trends, as well as to aid our understanding and prediction of customer needs and behavior.

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Solving challenges within the building industry

HEAL lab is an initiative by Stora Enso to facilitate co-creation of how buildings are designed, built and maintained to enable healthy and sustainable living. HEAL aims to solve challenges and pain points in the building industry by providing digital solutions. We are now looking for start-ups, with innovative digital solutions for the building industry, to become part of our HEAL family and integrate with our toolbox.

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