Wärtsilä is a 185-year-old start-up. We are a global leader in smart technologies and solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasize sustainable innovation, total efficiency, and data analytics. Wärtsilä maximizes the environmental and economic performance of the ships and power plants of our customers.

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€5.2B Revenue
19 000 Employees
80 Countries

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The Next 100 Years of Pushing the Boundaries of Technology, Together

Taking Additive Manufacturing to the Next Level

Wärtsilä wants to collaborate with start-ups that have mastered the skills and have expertise in additive manufacturing. There is great potential in our industries for small actors with this highly specified knowledge. We are especially interested in additive manufacturing technologies like metal printing as well as related software, calculations, and planning. We are also looking to develop new business models around additive manufacturing.

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Carbon Neutral Solutions and Circular Economy in the Marine Industry

Ship emissions and waste-to-energy are crucial in making the marine industry sustainable. We want to find solutions that conclusively track shipping emissions, especially accounting for greenhouse gas emissions from fuel production and consumption. We are also after new innovative ways of converting waste products to the energy that can be both produced and used on ships or at ports. We are interested in producing, for example, liquid fuels or biogas from waste through bioreactors, pyrolysis, or other processes.

Ship Emissions


Sustainable Energy Management On-board Ships

Environmental consciousness is one of the hot topics in the maritime business. The crew on-board freight and cruise ships, for example, plays a significant role in reducing the vessel’s energy consumption. We are interested in making the energy management and optimization a seamless and even fun part of the crew’s work in the engine control room, at the bridge or in the passenger areas. The aim is Wärtsilä wants to find data-driven gamified solutions for the crew to use as part of their daily work and taking the human-machine interaction to the next level.

Path towards autonomous vessels

Maritime industry is going towards autonomous vessels. First features we see are supporting decision making, enhancing situational awareness and performing functions autonomously. These are followed by semi-autonomous and remote control operations that will finally lead into autonomous operation. We are into fields like object recognition and situational awareness, collision avoidance, ship-to-ship connectivity, Human Machine Interface, HMI development, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. We are looking for solutions to add new features and functionalities as well as to speed up our current development. Wild cards are most welcome. 

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