Note: You need to purchase a valid Slush Pass in order to attend!

What’s the best that can happen?

Opportunity to discuss directly with a corporate decision-maker

The people responsible for making purchases will be present at The Next 100 to discuss with you in person. Let us be clear: this is really direct access.

Chance to pilot your tech with a global client

Our companies represent billion euro industries, with a presence in major global markets. The end-goal is to scale your successful solution to as many of them as possible.

Access to industry-leading data, tech, insight, and expertise

With 100s of years of history behind them, the companies have 

Revenue via a long-term partnership agreement

We are not out to purchase your company, nor do we want your IP or exclusive rights to your tech. We want to develop a long-term relationship 

Exclusive stage program, with breakfast and lunch

Our event is invite-only. You will get to enjoy a stage program no other Slush guests get to see. On top of that, we’ve got gourmet catering reserved for you, so come hungry!

Expedited agreement and procurement process

Provided you find a common tone with your new clients, Combient Foundry will guide the two parties through the contracting process, saving everyone weeks of time in negotiations.

Fast time-to-market

Once your pilot project is a success, the doors for international markets with your client will be wide open. Previous participants in the Combient Foundry cycle report an average of 21 weeks saved in their sales pipeline.

All we need from you is…

Basic information about your company 

Mainly facts and figures already in your Slush Pass application.

Your presence in Helsinki and your own Slush Pass

Our meeting slots are now fully booked! If you want to join us for the program and networking, please register on the Slush Platform below.

Join us at Slush

20 mins of your time at Slush

The seat at this table is merely the first one; if there is mutual interest, we will keep the ball rolling.

Questions? We wanna answer them!

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